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04 Jan 2022
Committee Meeting 4.1.22 .Minutes

Present Majeeb, Dush, Nish.   Update from Middx/ Chess Valley- Fixtures have been put up by Middx for this season. Balls will be provided by league and we have ordered spares aswell. Chess Valley fixtures have not been finalised yet.Cup was returned ... [ Read more ]

14 Dec 2021
Juniors Committee Meeting Minutes 14/12/2021

Juniors Committee Meeting Minutes Date and time: 6.30pm, Mon 13 December Present: Daniel, Mohammad, Sapna, Mark, Faisal, Jo, Roy, Karla, Sid, Amos, Jon Connon Apologies: Will, Louisa, Chris Club Update AGM now likely end of January ... [ Read more ]

12 Dec 2021
Minutes of Players Meeting 12.12.21

Agenda, 1.Review of season. 2.Plans for 2022. 3.Update from Committee Meetings. 4.Voting Rights for Social Members.   Present- Chair Majeeb- Dush,Rizwan,Ankit,John Conon,Taqueer Ahmed, Reece ,Adnan and others.   Chair said overall good season in term... [ Read more ]

09 Nov 2021
Minutes of committee meeting 9.11.21

Hi all, Please see minutes below,   1.Outstanding disciplinary issues- These were read out by the chair and all informed that those with outstanding disciplinary issues remain excluded from all club activities.Should they wish to discuss or wa... [ Read more ]

18 Oct 2021
Committee meeting 18.10.21 - Minutes

1. Update from Middx- Entry forms have been submitted to Middx for 2022, as was requested. Also Middx asking if we are intrested in entering womens team for 2022. Louisa mentioned will not be possible to enter womens team into league but wants to... [ Read more ]

17 Oct 2021
Criteria for captaincy nominations

Please see below criteria for nominations for captaincy at AGM. It was agreed in last committee meeting that there should be a criteria which captaincy nominees will have to meet before they can be allowed to stand for captaincy . This process was un... [ Read more ]

12 Oct 2021
Juniors Committee Meeting Minutes 12.10.21

Juniors Committee Meeting Minutes Date and time: 7.00pm, Tues 12 October Present: Daniel, Karla, Chris, Mohammad, Louisa, Steve Selwood (via phone for training discussion) Apologies: Sapna, Sid, Amos, Faisal, Mark Club Update AGM hasn’t ... [ Read more ]

06 Sep 2021
Committee Meeting 6.9.21 Minutes

1. Financial update-  Bob informed that currently we have 15k in the bank. Louisa questioned that there should be more money in the account due to income from summer camps and bar ,but there also had been high expenses this year such as mobile ca... [ Read more ]

06 Jul 2021
Middlesex League Rules (Senior matches)

What are the rules for the leagues? Rules for the Middlesex County Cricket League can be found here Please read and be aware of the following, all found on the league rules website: League Constitution Playing Regulations Facility requ... [ Read more ]

06 Jul 2021
SHCC Disciplinary procedures

Disciplinary Procedures have been uploaded, please see the club policies section. [ Read more ]