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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the registration forms for the Middlesex Championship League (1st and 2nd team)?

Here is the link if you live in the UK (Resident)

Here is the link if you do not live in the UK (Non-resident/Overseas)

What leagues do we play in?
Men's 1st XI - Middlesex County Cricket League - Division 2, 1st XI
Men's 2nd XI - Middlesex County Cricket League - Division 3, 2nd XI
Men's 3rd XI - Middlesex County Cricket League - Third Tier Division 3
Men's 4th XI - Middlesex County Cricket League - Third Tier Division 4b
Men's Sunday XI - Chess Valley Sunday League  - Premier Division
Men's Sunday Juniors & Adults Mix (MDL) - Middlesex Development League

What are the rules for the leagues?

Rules for the Middlesex County Cricket League can be found here
Please read and be aware of the following, all found on the league rules website:
  • League Constitution
  • Playing Regulations
  • Facility requirements
  • Fixtures
In addition, futher documents below are found in the league notices
  • Disciplinary regulations (In the event of an issue, the following procedure is followed)
  • League Directives
  • Pitch marking scheme
  • Constitutional changes
  • Incidents (including COVID related issues)
We have not put direct links, as these are subject to change.

What are the fixtures for the 2021 Season?
Details can be found on the news section, please click here

How much do I pay for match fees (teas)?
You must pay match fee/tea money for every single senior game. League, friendly, Sunday, midweek, they all count.
If you do not pay you get a warning, two warnings and then the committee will look into revoking your membership.
We do not do student discounts anymore.
  • If you are aged 18 or over before the start of the season then you must pay £10 a game
  • If you are aged 17 or under then you must pay £5 a game
Cricket is too expensive, I want to play but I cannot afford it?
If you are finding it financially difficult then you must email the chairman, to ask for financial help.
You will need to provide evidence such as your bank statement from the past 3 months. If you are a junior please speak to the junior manager
The committee will discuss this, then will call you for a meeting or email you to let you know the result.
You must renew your status for financial aid every season with the committee as it is not transferrable. 

What are colts? What are Juniors?
Juniors (formally called colts) are members of the club that are under 18 years old. They are solely managed by the junior manager who can be contacted via email at

What age do I have to pay senior fees?
At age 18 you must pay senior fees. No excuses unless the committee has allowed you to have financial help.
If you do not pay subscriptions you are not allowed to be in the club premises unless paying for subscriptions, in doing so are trespassing and we will call the police to take you off the property

I can't play in this team because I feel that I should be in a different team?
The captains and the selection committee decide which players go in which team, sometimes there are needs for a member to move up or move down. Each position on the team is earned not dictated.

I am having an issue with a player, who can I speak to?
Firstly, be sure that we will deal with your issue in private and professionally. Please send an email to the welfare officer as soon as possible, or the chairman,  if you do not want to speak to either of these people then email & call the ECB safeguarding officer, details can be found here