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South Hampstead Cricket Club - Coronavirus policies

Limited Use Of The Club Facilities
We appreciate that our members would like to use the club and after having reviewed the latest government and ECB guidelines we are pleased to open the facilities in a limited manner.

Members can now book slots of 50 minutes (starting 5 past hour and ending 5 mins to the hour) at times when there is a committee member or appointed on-site manager available to supervise the facilities. We are currently allowing two bookings at any one time -- one for use of the net area and one for the use of the outfield.

Please note, the safety of our community is paramount and this plan is subject to refinement and change. If it goes well we will look to open up more use, but we must proceed in a cautious manner even if the official guidelines change. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.

We appreciate your efforts in adhering to the following rules. 


  1. No walk-ins! ANY use of the club must be pre-booked through this system. If your booking has been cancelled by the system it is not valid.
  2. Do not turn up to the club if you are exhibiting any symptoms (high temperature, new continuous cough, loss of smell and/or taste). If you are in any doubt, stay at home and check the NHS guidelines
  3. Participants can only be a) members of the same household; b) two seniors from different households; c) two juniors from different households supervised by one parent from each of those households. It is therefore not permitted for example to have two individuals from one household exercising with another individual from a different household. 
  4. Social distancing rules apply -- stay two metres away from people outside your household
  5. The booking must contain contact details of ALL people using the slot (this is essential for contact tracing if necessary)
  6. Members must not arrive to the ground before the booking time (if they are early they must wait outside) and must depart from the club promptly.
  7. Entrance only via the gate on Milverton Road which will be left open during these exercise times. DO NOT ENTER VIA THE TENNIS CLUB OR NUFFIELD GYM
  8. Go to the clubhouse area to register with the on-site manager. If the manager is inside the clubhouse, please do not enter the clubhouse yourself, but converse from the outside.
  9. Members using the outfield must stay up at the top of the field. Net users must stay in that area.
  10. There must be at least one 2020 or 2019 SHCC member present
  11. No club equipment to be used (including stumps, balls, field markers, etc), no use of club benches / tables 
  12. Members must stay away from the clubhouse area other than registration.
  13. No spitting, no saliva or sweat should come into contact with the ball at any time. 
  14. No use of any indoor facilities (including the sheds) under any circumstances. Equipment cannot be left at the club.

We must keep our community safe and abide by the relevant regulations. The club reserves all rights necessary to enforce these rules. Members found breaching these rules will be prevented from booking in the future. Further measures could include reviewing membership, implementing club disciplinary proceedings or even notifying the police should we feel it necessary.
Booking procedure
You can only book one slot at any one time and must wait until after you have completed your session before making another booking. Additional slots will be cancelled.

You need a Google Account in order to make a booking. Please put names and contact details of all people intending to use the booking. 

Check this page regularly to see when new slots are opened up.

If you are symptomatic, living in a household with a possible COVID-19 infection or are classified as extremely vulnerable on health grounds, you should remain at home and follow Government advice.

To start your booking, please confirm you have read these policies below.
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